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Ashland Scrapers

Ashland Scrapers


Rust Sales, Inc. is the Midwest’s top Ashland Scraper dealer.  We carry both new and used Ashland Scrapers, and our inventory updates frequently.
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Ashland Direct-Mount Scrapers:

Ashland Scrapers: I-110 Direct Mount

Ashland I-110 Direct Mount Scraper

The direct-mount scraper is designed for contractors who focus primarily on site preparation, road construction, and other full-time scraping applications. This scraper’s hitch transfers weight, which maximizes your loads per day. To increase your production and efficiency even further, these scrapers can be hooked in tandem while using only one tractor.

11 CU YD Ejector
13 CU YD Ejector
15.5 CU YD Ejector
21.5 CU YD Ejector
22 CU YD Ejector


Ashland Dolly-Wheeled Scrapers:

Ashland 13 Yard Scraper

Ashland I-130 13 Yard Scraper

The dolly-wheeled scraper features the same quality as the direct-mount style, but with no need for a specialized scraper drawbar. Perfect for agricultural and industrial use, the weight of this scraper and its payload are carried entirely by front and rear wheels. The front dolly wheels also provide excellent ground following ability, independent from your tractor. If you do not have full-time scraper work, the dolly-wheeled style will allow you the freedom to easily switch between different power units.

9.5 CU YD
11 CU YD
13 CU YD
14 CU YD
15.5 CU YD
17.5 CU YD

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