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AGL Lasers



AGL Lasers


From design to manufacture, the AGL factory in Jacksonville, Arkansas produces rotating, pipe, and grade lasers, as well as machine control components.  AGL supplies customers with precision control methods that enhance profitability, are tough, reliable and simple to use.

Rust Sales, Inc. sells a diverse selection of AGL lasers and receivers:

AGL EAGL Laser Levels – AGL EAGL Brochure (PDF) 

EAGL 1-Touch
EAGL 2000
EAGL 3000S

GradoPlane 25X – AGL GP25X brochure (PDF)

The new AGL GP25x has several beneficial features: an exceptional operating range of 3600’ diameter, 1/16” (8 arc sec) accuracy, a remote control option with 750’ distance. 

EZ Grade 360 – AGL EZ-Grade 360 brochure (PDF)

The EZ-Grade 360 is a versatile, construction-tough laser receiver that is ideally suited for visual machine control applications.

Model 360 w/LED Display – AGL Machine Control brochure (PDF)

The Model 360 Laser Receiver is designed to work with all of AGL’s MCS control panels and is manufactured to handle the rigors of the construction environment. The built-in grade display makes set up simple and allows the foreman to see what’s happening from a distance.


The MR360R offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications.

MR240 – AGATEC MR240 brochure (PDF)

Ideal for use with backhoes and mini excavators, this receiver offers the convenience of a machine-mounted display at an economical price. The MR240 receiver provides accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications, with 240° detection of any rotating laser.

Hand Held Laser Detectors:

AGL Hand-Held Laser Detector

AGL Hand-Held Laser Detector

• Bright, Multi-Color LED’s – Red – above grade, Green – on grade, and Blue – below grade.
• 11 Channel’s of Information – Provides instant visual grade information.
• LCD On Front and Back – Large display is easy to read.
• Strobe Light Rejection Filter – Eliminates false readings from strobe lights on trucks and machinery.

• 5 Channel’s of Information
• LCD on Front and Back – Allow user to stand behind the rod, eliminating the possibility of accidently blocking the beam.
• Level Bubble Mounted on Rod Clamp – Gives the user a level reference to ensure the most accurate reading is taken.


Heavy-Duty Aluminum, Flat head
Heavy-duty Wood, Dual Clamps, Flat Head
Value Series Aluminum, Flat Head
9 Ft Heavy-duty Elevating Tripod. Includes reversible foot kit for dirt (points) or concrete/hardwood floors (rubber pads)Heavy-Duty Aluminum, Flat head

Grade Rods:

25’ Rectangular-Oval Grade Rod – Fiberglass (tenths)16′ Rectangle Grade Rod-Fiberglass (Tenths)
16′ Rectangle Grade Rod-Fiberglass (Inches)
Aluminum Rod 16 ft (Tenths)
Aluminum Rod 16 ft (Inches)
Aluminum Rod 5 m “E” face (Metric)
Direct Read Cut and Fill Rod 10 ft (Tenths)
Large Scale Direct Read (tenths)
Direct Read for Optical Instruments (Tenths)25’ Rectangular-Oval Grade Rod – Fiberglass (tenths)16′ Rectangle Grade Rod-Fiberglass (Tenths)

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