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Since 2000, Outback Guidance has been dedicated to delivering advanced precision farming systems that are easy to use and affordable. Our popular products focus on tractor guidance, automated steering, mapping and precision application of seed or chemicals.

Outback Guidance 2015 Solutions Guide

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Outback MAX screen

Outback MAX

Outback MAX – Outback MAX Data Sheet
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Outback S-Lite – Outback S-Lite Spec Sheet


Outback eDriveXC – Outback eDriveXC brochure
Outback eDriveXD – Outback eDriveXD Spec Sheet
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Outback eDriveX – Outback eDriveX Spec Sheet
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Outback eDrive VSi – Outback eDriveVSi Spec Sheet


Outback A320

Outback A321 unit set up

Outback A321

The A320™/A321™ Smart Antennas offer versatile, portable solutions with centimeter-level accuracy powered by Hemisphere GPS’ Eclipse™ II multifrequency GNSS receiver technology.
With the Eclipse II GNSS OEM module, RTK performance is scalable. Utilize the same centimeter-level accuracy in either L1-only mode, or employ the full performance of fast RTK performance over long distances with L1/L2 GNSS signals. Our exclusive SureTrack™ technology gives peace of mind knowing your RTK rover is making use of every satellite it is tracking, even satellites not tracked at the base. Benefit from fewer RTK dropouts in congested environments, faster reacquisitions and more robust solutions due to better cycle slip detection. SureTrack also removes concerns with mixing GNSS data from various manufacturers. Even if your base is only L1/L2 GPS, SureTrack with GLONASS at your rover delivers complete GNSS performance where others cannot.

Outback A321

The Outback A321 smart antenna offers a versatile solution for your portable and fixed base station needs. A321 contains our leading edge Eclipse II L1/L2 GPS + GLONASS receiver technology and survey quality GNSS antenna to ensure you have the best possible RTK base solution on the market. Available with powerful 900 MHz and 400 MHz radio options to ensure you maintain consistent RTK through challenging terrain and long distances.
Outback A320/A321Antenna Spec Sheet

Application Control:

Outback AutoMate

The Outback AutoMate™ is an automatic boom shutoff product that works directly with all Outback Guidance® products and is one of the industry’s quickest returns on investment.
The AutoMate allows you to manage up to 10 different sections of your boom and multiple planter sections. This automation results in drastic savings associated with application costs. The system recognizes both pre-defined applied zones and/or previous coverage areas. The AutoMate is designed for simple, hands-free operation. Simply set up the unit and the system will automatically turn on and off sections when covering areas already applied. The system will also turn sections back on automatically on unapplied sections, eliminating skips.

Outback AC110

The Outback AC110 precisely controls application rates and automatically controls implement sections. Eliminating overlap reduces hot spots and ensures even application across the entire field, regardless of shape or size. The AC110 platform leverages flexible programming technology that allows it to control machine functions for spraying, spreading, and anhydrous applications.

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