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Topcon Precision Ag


Topcon Precision Ag develops and manufactures leading-edge satellite positioning and guidance systems, electronic controls, mapping, monitoring, and landleveling solutions for agriculture.

Rust Sales, Inc. is an authorized Topcon dealer and primarily sells these product categories:

Application Control Systems

Increase yields and save money when planting, spreading or fertilizing with Topcon Systems variable rate control (VRC) and auto section control (ASC). Systems 110, 150 and 350, with optional ASC-10 ECU can perform 10-section control as well as liquid rate control of two products. With the System 350, variable rate control can be performed with either the ASC-10 or via ISO integration. Topcon application controls help you farm more efficiently to maximize profitability.

Laser Transmitters

As a worldwide leader in construction and surveying equipment, Topcon developed the most advanced laser technology and the most rugged, accurate, and versatile tools long before GPS even existed.

Topcon RL-200 1S/2S Slope Lasers

Topcon RL-200 2S Laser

Topcon RL-200 2S Laser

High Accuracy, High Value Slope Lasers

The RL-200 Series is available in single slope (RL-200 1S) and dual slope (RL-200 2S) models. No matter which one you choose, the RL-200 will keep you working accurately day after day by providing the highest grade repeatability available (7 arc seconds). Both models provide exceptional slope range, -5% to +25% for the 1S, and +/-10% in the X axis and an industry leading -5% to +25% in the Y axis for the 2S. Other features include a large, bright, high-contrast display, large, clearly labeled operation interface, and standard with the RL-200 2S, a full feature remote to control all RL-200 2S functions up to 1,000′ (200m) away. The RL-200 also come with Topcon’s exclusive 5 Year Guarantee, the best factory warranty in the industry (click here for details).

Topcon’s RL-200 Series features include:
• 7 Arc Second Accuracy
• Wide Grade Range (up to 25% slope) without Slope Blocks
• Extra-Long Battery Life (100 hours)
• Long Range – up to 3,600′ (1,100m)
• Graphical Display
• Full Function Remote (RL-200 2S only)

Rust Sales, Inc. stocks the Topcon RL-200 2S, click for Topcon RL200 Series Brochure (PDF)

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