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SD Drain Dealer Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in becoming an SD Drain® dealer, we are excited for you to join our team. Rust Sales, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the SD Drain® product line which currently includes SD Drain Ditch and SD Drain Tile.

Rust Sales, Inc. sells and services precision agricultural products for farmers, specializing in precision drainage.  We offer our customers GPS and laser machine control solutions for scrapers, tile plows, and blades.  We teamed up with GK Technology to develop the SD Drain line of RTK-GPS machine control products.  We don’t just distribute the product, we use it, we sell it, we service it, and we are a key component when it comes to improving it.  We know SD Drain just plain works, we know our customers love it so we know your customers will love it too.  Whether you’re an independent or OEM dealership, we look forward to partnering with you.

Please download, fill out, and return the credit application.  Be sure to include the credit amount you are requesting. Upon successful review, you will receive an SD Drain® Dealer Startup Packet including brochures, price book, CO-OP advertising policy and any special offers for new dealers.

If you have any questions on becoming a dealer, feel free to contact me.

Chris Markwardt
701-282-9194 • 800-478-7801