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SD Drain

SD Drain® is a suite of machine control products used to implement surface and subsurface drainage solutions for agricultural applications.  Released products include SD Drain Ditch and SD Drain Tile.

SD Drain® systems use data from an RTK-GPS base/rover system to calculate the optimal drop to make water flow off your field.  Import a georeferenced image, 3D surface GRD, or other file formats for overhead background maps.  Program views include side, back, overhead, and terrain views. SD Drain® systems utilize a DAC-7000 or DAC-Mini valve controller to automatically control the operator’s equipment to realize the design in the field. SD Drain® systems are available with either a Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system.

SD Drain Ditch

SD Drain Tile











SD Drain Ditch brochure

SD Drain Tile brochure

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