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Software Updates

Software Updates



Right click and download TeamViewer
Team Viewer
1. When asked “Do you want to run or save this file?” select Run
2. When asked “Do you want to run this software?” select Run
3. Please provide the Rust Sales, Incorporated technician the ID and Password to connect to your computer.

SD Drain Ditch

JULY 2016
Right click and download zipped SD DRAIN DITCH software update and PDF instructions.
SD Drain – Software update zipped file V2.0
SD Drain – Software update instructions

300G2 Rover

May 2016

The Rust Sales 300G2 Rover is powered by a Raven Phoenix 300 RTK-GPS receiver.  Raven has discovered a recent GLONASS issue.  Various changes to the GLONASS satellite system (PRN, leap second updates) are causing errors on some versions of Raven GPS products which includes the Rust Sales’ 300G2 rover.  This issue will result in a loss of GPS or a “No GPS” error message, or on the Phoenix 300 it will stay on “Initializing.”  This issue is localized to GLONASS enabled GPS products.

Updating the GPS engine software to version 3.907 is required to address this issue.
1.    To update on your own, go to the following link: Phoenix 300 A/B (If the Phoenix 300 A/B stays on “Initializing,” it will need to be sent to Raven for the software update)
2.    Or bring/send your 300G2 rover to Rust Sales to be updated. ($50 service charge plus shipping)

Leica Mojo Base

May 2016 Click here for Leica Software update page.

Radio Channel

radio channel