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Spraying: Raven AccuBoom illustration

Raven AccuBoom


How can we make your spraying experience more cost effective and less stressful? How about saving input costs by automatically turning on and off your booms? With no spray areas, we can make sure you don’t spray your neighbor’s field or too close too that wetland. How about a map to prove you didn’t spray your neighbor’s field or too close to that wetland?

Spraying Solutions:

Rust Sales offers precise spraying solutions from Raven (Envizio Pro II™ or Viper Pro™ with AccuBoom™, & SmartBoom™), Topcon (System 200 & System 350), and Outback (AC110 Spray & Section Control).

Automatic Boom Height Control:

Rust Sales, Inc. also offers Raven AutoBoom™ for automatic boom height control. Increase your efficiency with faster spraying speeds and reduce operator stress and fatigue.

Direct Injection Systems:

Direct injection systems from Raven (Sidekick™ & Sidekick Pro™) save you time and inputs. No need to premix the tank, no waste from unused products, and no cleanout or disposal issues when you’re done.

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